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uTraq GPS Vehicle Tracking
Now, the most trusted name in alarm communications provides you with a fast, easy and highly profitable tracking solution. Utilize the following benefits with u-TRAQ GPS tracking devices for vehicles:

  • Locate or monitor teen and elderly drivers for enhanced peace of mind.
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles.
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently.
  • Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles.
u-TRAQ auto is a small vehicle-powered GPS device. It simply plugs into the OBD port found on the bottom edge of the dashboard of most vehicles manufactured since 1996 - eliminating installation challenges found in traditional tracking devices. It can also be switched between vehicles to provide the ultimate in flexibility.
u-TRAQ autoPRO is a miniature vehicle-powered GPS device intended for professional permanent mounting under the dash with electrical connections to vehicle power and ignition.
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